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SLUG VISION! is an exploration of myself proposed question what is color without sight. To initially enter the world of color and more specifically natural color, I want to do adopt a non- human perspective. The perspective chosen was that of a sea slug or as i like to call them Sap-Sucking, Solar Powered Sea Slug otherwise known in the scientific community as the Elysia Chlorotica. The Elysia Chlorotica are quite unique in that their half plant and half animal. Meaning, they are first and foremost a slug but then through their digestive system are able to adopt plant characteristics. Instead of simply digesting their algae food for energy, the slug is able to utilize the chloroplasts and through the process of photosynthesis harness energy from the sun. Through this perspective, through the sea slugs perspective I am looking at color as an energy and as a matter through the endothermic reaction of photosynthesis rather than simply as a visual element.

But what if we could use colors full potential just as nature does?


So i propose SLUG VISION! I'm continuing to experiment with creating photosynthetic eyewear. Today, I have samples  of photosynthetic eyewear (shown above and below). Each one of these glasses is filled with Chlorella Vulgaris, the micro algae. To design these glasses, I imagined a slug crawling across my face.


What is color without sight?


These glasses are designed to playfully instruct or

at least partially obstruct your view.


Try on and become a slug!

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